PXI Express Chassis

Backplane Requirements:
Number of slots (4 to 18)
Slot Configuration                       

S (System Slot): Usually leftmost slot. PCIe configuration 4 x4 lanes is default. For 2 x8 setup, please specify.
Choose one configuration per BPL.
P (Peripheral Slot Type 2): Contains PXI-5 signals (PCIe and PXIe trigger signals + PXI-1 signals)
H (Hybrid Slot): Peripheral Slot Type 2 + 32-bit CPCI bus
X (PXI-1 Slot): 32-bit CPCI bus + PXI-1 signals
T (System Timing Slot): Slot with dedicated clock & trigger signals, only one per backplane.
System Slot Width (4, 8, 12 or 16 HP)
System Slot configuration 2 Link System Slot   4 Link System Slot
Conformal Coating
Peters Elpeguard SL 1309 Other
Transfer rate
Other Backplane requirements

Mechanical Requirements:
Height U / mm Width   HP / mm Depth   mm
Chassis form Factor
Rackmount   Desktop     Other  
Other Chassis Requirements

Cooling Requirements:
Air flow direction
Bottom to top Bottom to rear (default)   Front to rear  
Side to side Other  
Air filter
Yes No  
Power per slot
@ DeltaT = 15K, default: 50W
Temperature controlled fans
Yes No  

Power Requirements:
Mains Power
Wide Range AC input @ rear side, fused with mains switch

Power push button

On Chassis front No  Other  
Other power requirements

Chassis interface connectors:
CLK10 Ref in/out (Rear side)
Yes No  
Power mode switch
(enable / disable push button)
Yes No  
D-Sub voltage monitor (Rear side)
Yes No  
Custom interfaces
Other requirements
External Trigger Access
Rear  Front  Front & Rear 
Number of external Triggers Range from 0 - 8: 

Additional data:
Required Quantities
Prototype Series  
Delivery dates
Prototype Series  
Target price per item (euro)
Prototype Series  

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